Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Trip to Nelson's Bay

This past weekend we had the good fortune to take a trip with some lovely people we have met down here by the names of Kathryn, Paul, Debbie, and James to the idyllic Nelson's Bay.

We camped 2 nights and spent 2 fantastic days playing in the gorgeous sunshine on the pristine beaches there.

Due to the generosity of Chris' Mom and Dad, we have a shiny new camera and waterproof case to document our adventures. This came in handy when trying to bodysurf (waves weren't right for normal surfing) as we could bring the viewer right into the water with us.

Chris catching a wave

View down the beach

Totally deserted beach, day 2

James and Paul catching a wave


Random clips of james, paul, amy, and chris bodysurfing/getting pounded

Chris attempts to capture the magic of bodysurfing while holding the camera in the waves

All in all it was a great trip. After recovering from the days at the beach, we would retire to the campground for a bbq feast and well earned beers. Good work team!

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