Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spearfishing fail/win?

Prepared to sneak into the hidden submarine base

So the final box with our stuff arrived yesterday (thank you LeGrands), supplying us with essential martial arts protective gear and the speargun. I was most excited by the latter as I had only fired it a few times in our apartment in NY to subdue various species of couch and boxes.

Took it out for a spin yesterday to Long Reef and by means of explaining the name of the post:

  • Shot exclusively rocks and seaweed
  • Had no idea what fish I was shooting at - the spearing shop I went to was out of guides and only briefly described he 2 kinds of fish that are illegal to shoot
  • Did not drown
  • Did not impale myself with the spear
  • Saw a bigass (3' across) stingray in the water
  • Looked totally badass
So I guess on the fail/win scale - on which we are all judged - it was kind of a wash. Amy and I are going to go out this weekend to see what damage we can do, will update you on the results after.

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  1. Bruutal!! Did you hear if the fishes had any good metal?