Sunday, March 21, 2010

Old news

So we are all starting on the same page, allow me to fill you in on the basics of our living situation out here.

We moved down on February 15, 2010 and are currently living in a suburb of Sydney called Queenscliff. This is where our building actually is:
Our Apartment Location

Here is a picture of the view on the right.

We are close enough to the beach that we can hear the waves breaking at all hours and during the day can listen to the lifeguard announcements as they chastise surfers or swimmers or warn us of impending doom by blue bottle.

Some people have asked where we are relative to the opera house or harbor bridge, both major landmarks in the city of Sydney. The quick answer is that we are about 45 minutes away. 15 minute bike ride to the ferry, then a 30 minute ferry ride to the heart of the harbor, which is buttressed by both landmarks. Amy sees them every day on her way to work and took the picture embedded from the ferry.

So to wrap it up, we are very happy with our location. It includes the necessities:
1. porch
2. BBQ

And is far enough out of the heart of the city to have peace and quite as well as a decent commute in.


  1. What a great blog....this will now allow me to see what you see, do what you do, and enjoy exploring Australia without having to deal with a very long plane ride! The pictures of you bodysurfing were great...and the video was incredible - I loved hearing the sound of the waves. Please keep posting!

  2. I can see you're both having a terrible time adjusting to life in Australia... NOT! Continue having a great time and keeping us all in the loop.

  3. Glad you are enjoying, will keep up the good work.