Monday, August 13, 2012

Wild Windy Winter Day

This past weekend we were scheduled to go deep sea fishing for tuna, which have a run up the coast during wintertime.  We unfortunately woke up on the appointed morning to face 40mph winds and 8 foot seas and quickly learned that the trip would wisely be cancelled.

The Freshwater/CurlCurl headland, usually you can walk on the submerged parts

When the clouds broke, I took a walk up the coast with my fellow photography enthusiast, Webs to watch the waves smash up on the rugged headlands.

We saw our ordinary haunts transformed into a maelstrom of pounding waves and driving winds.  At some points it was a struggle to just stand still and we had to yell to communicate.

The water was higher than we have seen it, there is a submerged walkway in here somewhere

Chaotic patterns in the water

Boom!  Waves smashing up on the way to Curl Curl

The walkway from Harbord Diggers to Curl Curl

Wild waves breaking on the way to Curl Curl

Water Draining off the rocks

A few weeks ago we were hanging out ar the Curl Curl pool, watching the surfers:

Here is the same spot this past weekend:

And the reverse angle:

As you can see, totally submerged, we wouldn't have stood a chance.

The waves put on quite a show, we were impressed by the number of people out and about, doing what we were doing.  Lots of people were walking around, some taking their kids out to view nature's fury.  It ended up being a cool way to salvage out cancelled plans and proved once again that the ocean is endlessly entertaining.

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