Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ink everywhere

Proud boat owner
This past weekend we took advantage of the sunny warm weather to take the new upgraded boat out for a spin up in Pittwater.  We bombed around with our new faster motor for a while checking out some different fishing spots and trying to catch some squid.  
this would be perfect kingie bait
Much to our surprise, after casting our jiggs around for a while we actually saw a squid follow mine up from the weeds and then grab onto the jigg!  We got it closer to the boat as it started squirting ink and water in all directions.  Of course, as soon as we got it right next to the boat in the net, it treated us to a huge squirt of ink all over and into the boat.  Who knew that squid ink was so thick?!  
if I don't make eye contact maybe it won't fly away
After several hours of boating and fishing, complete with Chris trying to entice an eel to take his lure by dangling it right in front of it, we headed back to the ramp.  As we were gettiing ready to pack up the boat a massive pelican landed next to us and started walking towards us. 

inching closer....
What you don't realize when you see them sitting on a dock or out in the water is just how large these birds are.   

We ended a great day out in the boat (really, how can you have a bad day out in a boat), with some fresh caught squid for dinner. 
There must be some trick to this to avoid completely ink covered hands!
Of course it also had to contribute some ink to the fish bag, although we thought for sure it must have already shot it all at us, but most importantly, we've proven that you don't have be fishing at 6 am to catch squid.

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