Sunday, April 1, 2012

100 Dives!

Two weekends ago we jumped on an invite from Jeroen and Raymonda to go for a dive at the bower which is right near home for us.  Although Chris had hit 100 dives on our last trip, I was a few behind and I was excited to do my 100th dive at our local beach.

Conveniently they live in an apartment about 100 meters from the entry point so we suited up in their living room and walked down to the water in our gear.  


Although we see people snorkeling and diving around here all the time we hadn't tried it ourselves and were very pleasantly surprised to find out that the diving was really good.  Also, with a maximum depth of about 6.5 meters it meant that we got cold before our air could run out so we had a nice long dive with a lot of great fish and sharks spotted.

Scorpion fish trying not to be seen

Cool shrimp in the foreground - tiny little box fish hanging out in the background

The little fish are using me for protection from the larger fish directly below me
Jeroen was feeding that large fish

We thought that lion fish were only in Thailand - who knew they were in our backyard!

see the video for some footage of this ray swimming around

Wobbiegong shark

Chris doing some fancy footwork to get out of the way of the shark

Don't put your hand down!
Hiding in the weeds
Master photographer Chris capturing the perfect picture of the wobbie
Sergeant Baker fish - I ate your relative for dinner a few months ago...
Lots of little fish

The dive crew post dive - that sun felt good!

We finished out the afternoon with a bbq at their place - overall an awesome way to do my 100th dive.  

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  1. Gotta be careful of those wobbies... if they sink their teeth in (pointed backwards) they don't let go.