Thursday, March 22, 2012

One rainy weekend

Birdie beach - where are all of the nudists?

Last weekend we rounded everyone up for a camping trip before we moved too far into autumn (without all of the leaves dropping they don't call it fall here) when the weather and water won't be so nice.  Since we didn't have a long weekend, we found a place only about 1.5 hours north of Sydney to put up our tents.

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One of the amazing things about being in Sydney is that there are always a few different beaches to explore when you go camping, which was particularly reassuring in the case because part of Birdie beach is classified as "unclad".
Despite all of our concerns around who might be hanging out on the nudie part of the beach, the windy, cool and rainy weather ensured that everyone wanted to keep their clothes on. 

James helping by holding one chair down while everyone else sets up the shelter
In an effort to avoid a rain filled weekend we purchased a shelter on the way up, however luck was not with us and Saturday was raining off and on throughout the day.  Although we took some treks down to the beach and a few adventurous souls went into the water, most of the day was spent trying to find other ways to occupy ourselves.

Fueled by a few Guiness in honor of St. Patricks day, Kat and Webs pulled out the game of butthead.  For the unitinitated - this involves wearing a particularly silly looking cap while people throw balls at your head and try to get them to stick.

We set people up opposite each other and let them fly while laughing at how silly everyone looked.

Jeroen and Raymonda also decided that some driving exploration would be a good diversion.  Lucky for Jeroen, Ray was able to push him out of this ditch!
On the way home we scouted out another deserted beach for a future camping trip, hopefully with blue skies and sunshine the next time.

Frazer Beach
As is always the case, the sunshine came out in full on the trip home, but still a good weekend away.

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