Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Visitor number 4 - Cousin Joe

We were lucky to have Chris's Cousin Joe visit us as a our first representative from his side of the family.  Joe was lucky enough to convince his company that he needed a trip to Melborne and managed to sneak up to Sydney for the warmest weekend of the spring so far.  Note to every who's worried about the steep price of tickets - get your job to send you - then it's free!

We took advantage of the 26 C day (that's 78.8 for those of you who only think in Fahrenheit) just two weekends into spring to rent a boat and tour the harbor.

 Checking out the various ocean monsters.

We docked the boat in Darling Harbor for a few hours to grab some lunch and check out the city sights.

The trip into the city had been fairly eventful, but when we turned around to head home the wind had picked up, and there was also a sailing event with well upwards of 200 sailboats participating in 4 or 5 different races through out the harbor.  Best part of the sailboats is that of course they have the right of way when under sail, so trying to make our way home was a three way cooperative exercise of spotters to make sure that no one was tacking directly in front of, or into us.

Asteroids anyone?

 Thankfully we made it back to Manly safely and rushed home for a few beers on the rocks while watching the sunset.  We wrapped up a great day with a bbq and some rum barrel porter on tap.

Sunday after some recovery pancakes we walked along the beach and up along the harbor heads to check out the views.  We rounded out the afternoon with a few pints at our favorite local pub before dropping Joe off at the airport after he insisted that he did have to go home and couldn't stay and have more fun with us. 

It's tough to drink sideways

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