Thursday, September 15, 2011

How real men dance

In case everyone wasn't already aware, the rugby world cup is taking place in New Zealand over the next few weeks, and yes, the good old US of A has a team in the competition! We are currently ranked 18/20, just nudging out Russia and Nimibia on the race to the bottom.

Last night was a cold war rematch of USA vs Russia, which was billed as our "only chance to win a game in the tournament". Thankfully we retained our superiority and pushed on to win 13-6.How did he get that hat here without wrinkling it in his suitcase?

With wonder woman on our side how can we possibly lose??

Some Russian fans confused about what we were competing for

In addition to the actual sport of rugby, one of the most amazing things is the Haka that most of the islander teams (NZ, Samoa, Tonga, etc) do to issue their challenge at the beginning of the game. This started getting attention way back when the New Zealand team was not the international super power that they are today.

This however has evolved to one of the most intimidating openings to a game that I've ever seen. Can you imagine being the opposing team and having to sit through this every time??

Even better, if it happens to be two teams with a haka they do it at each other at the same time which is just amazing.

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