Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Fish are Scared Now

This weekend we upped our fishing game by adding a boat to the mix. Although the weather was looking a bit dodgy we decided that the fish wouldn't mind getting wet so we went out to prove to them that we're just as tough as they are.

It's hard to dodge this many rain drops!

Thankfully the weather cleared out a bit and we continued our mission of showing the fish who's boss. Laughing at the foolish fish who clearly have no chance.

Debs and James decided that they wanted to do all of the fish catching so while Chris and I watched our bait dissapear with out a bite they proceeded to catch a record 7 fish!
James is clearly pleased with his day.

None of them were big enough for dinner (Deb's first catch might have actually been a good candidate for a fish bowl), but coupled with the fact that we didn't have a single snag we call the day a success and raced home before the daylight faded.
The race to the dock before darkness is on...

The day was topped off with the requisite burgers on the grill (or bar-b as they would remind me to say here) plus some exquisite homebrewed porter on tap.

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