Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Amy 1 - Sharks 0

This past Sunday dawned sunny and relatively warm so we packed up some friends and headed out for an afternoon on the boat.

Trying not to relax too hard...

Since it's still early spring actually getting into the water is still out of the question so we continued our onslaught on the fish population.

Demonstrating the proper fishing posture while on a boat

Don't worry - in the past 7 months of trying we've so far only caught one fish that was big enough to eat. Since we all know that fishing is a long process we settled in with some beers and snacks for the long haul. Just as James was admonishing the girls for our slack fishing technique and Webs was complaining that we'd only caught one fish in 3 hours we had some excitement.

Who's excited to go for a swim now??

So now we've conclusively answered the question that there are sharks in the river - we'll just assume that it's just the babies and that we won't meet this little guy's parents!

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