Monday, April 5, 2010

Sydney Royal Easter Show

Preparing for the next heat...

The last thing we did on the long Easter weekend was take in the Sydney Royal Easter Show at the Sydney Olympic Park. This is a multi-day exposition of the culinary and agricultural products of various parts of Australia, combined with a carnival. Sounds like a great idea but mostly it was pushing through crowds and praying for The Rapture to come take all these people out of our way.

There was an interesting tradition within the show that was called "Show Bags". There are dozens of booths set up selling these bags which contain branded, themed merchandise. There were for example Simpsons Show bags, Family Guy ones, Cadbury bags, and other well known brands as well as more generic ones such as the "Karate Ninja" show back that contained what looked like a mid-range halloween costume for a.....Karate Ninja. Before anyone asks, the Karate Ninja show bag was sold out when we got there but we did several examples running around the show.

Due to Robosaurus not being scheduled to rampage while we were in attendance, the highlight was a lumberjack competition that we watched in awe in what appeared to be a stadium built exclusively for such events.

In a breathtaking display of hubris, they all wore sneakers.

Amy's and my exposure to such events consist of late night, bleary eyed clips on ESPN2 but even while watching those over the years, one could tell that there was some glory to be had in such contests.

The moment of victory

After watching several heats, Amy did her best to convince me that I could not in fact compete with the professional lumberjacks. I will prove her wrong or die trying.

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