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Last Friday, Amy and I ventured out to see the Sydney Waratahs battle it out with the Free Stare Cheetahs at the Sydney Rugby Stadium. For those of you asking what a "Waratah" is, it is apparently a particularly vicious species of red flower, as well as the floral emblem of the state we live in, New South Wales.

As for the rugby itself, this was a Rugby Union game, rather than a Rugby League game - the differences of which I will leave to wikipedia to explain.

Amy, smiling the rain away.

There was a steady rain throughout the game which was really exciting, regardless. The Waratahs were considerate enough to trounce the Cheetahs 40-17 in our presence. Aussies are sports fanatics in general, we saw one guy cheering so hard that his wedding ring flew into the crowd. It was later recovered. We also had the pleasure of 3 pissed* yobbos** explaining to us throughout the game the various ways rugby was superior to "American Gridiron". They were however speechless when I described the concept of tailgating to them before sporting events and concerts. This revelation was on par with Prometheus giving fire to mortal man.

Kicking an extra point after scoring a Try.

I generally agreed with them, rugby was a grueling, brutal spectacle. At least as violent as American football, but without pads. The only thing it was really lacking was a passing game, no hail mary passes, etc. That and tailgating.

Preparing for a scrum.

"I would appreciate if you would not step on my fingers quite so hard"

* Pissed - adj - Aussie slang for drunk. Usage: I was so pissed last night that I fell up the stairs.
** Yobbo - noun - 1. a person who hails from a rural area. 2. redneck. Usage: The yobbos galloped after me because I insulted their cattle.

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