Sunday, February 16, 2014

Felix's First Camping Trip - Freeman's Beach

We took advantage of a weekend with perfect weather to test out camping with Felix to see how he'd like it and headed north to Freeman's beach, about 1.5 hours away on the Central Coast.
Before we got to the campsite we stopped by Frazer Beach for the afternoon.  While the boys went off in a futile attempt to bring back some lobsters for dinner, the girls (and Felix) hung out in the sun tents and enjoyed the day.
Unfortunately although they found some lobsters, all they had to show for it was the antennae that came off when they tried to pull them out of the holes that they were hiding in.
After we'd all had a bit of a swim, we headed back to the campground to setup the tents.  Felix had a bit of a play around to make sure that he was happy with the setup before we took a walk down to Freeman's beach.
Turns out that spending the day at Frazer beach was definitely the right call with the wind just blasting at Freemans.  Great to have the option of two beautiful beach so close together!
Once we got back from our sand blasting it was time to tackle dinner.
 Felix also made sure to show off his newest trick of sucking on his big toe. 
 Here's a close up in case you couldn't see it well enough in the first one - yummy!
 After dinner it was time for Felix to go to bed, and for the first time we weren't those people who were up late drinking, and boy is it hard to sleep when all of the other people are!
 The next morning dawned sunny and warm and we quickly packed up to head back to Frazer beach so that the boys could have another crack at those lobsters.
 After hearing how awesome the lobster beach was we all ventured over to check it out.  It was about a 15 minute walk over the rocks before we came to a beach that was all small, really soft pebbles, I've never felt anything like it before.
Even more exciting was this stretch of isolated beach that was behind the rocks and had some huge boulders and some shallow water flowing past.
 We setup the tents there and let the kids (and adults) play in the shallows.
 Felix's swimming lessons seem to be paying off and for the first time he was happy to sit in a bit of water, and even stuck his hand into the sand a bit to see what was going on.
 Overall we'll consider the trip a success, can't wait to see where we'll take him camping next!

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  1. So glad Felix is starting the outdoor life from the get go
    A bit easier it seems in that glorious sun and weather than I recall in Maine.
    You'll have to return for -10 degree skiing at Sugarloaf too to toughen him up…..
    Thanks for sharing these glorious times! You three make quite the family !