Sunday, January 19, 2014

Felix's First Kingfish

Chris recently ventured out in the waters around the Barrenjoey Headland to try to recreate a charter experience that he and Felix had when they were visiting.  It entailed going to one spot and catching small baitfish called, "Yakkas" and then bringing them to another spot, hooking them through the nose and then trolling them around hoping that a BIG fish comes and thinks they are an easy meal.  This technique is called, "livebaiting".  It has been effective in the past under the guidance of a charter guide and Chris was hoping that he could duplicate the success on his own.

Gerrie was enlisted and the two would-be fisherman set out at the ungodly hour of 4am to be set up and ready to launch at first light.  We pulled up to the bait grounds amongst several other boats that had the same idea.  At least they showed us where the yakkas were.
Yakkas frolicking
After a short time the boys had about a dozen yakkas on board in the live bait tank and off they went to the fishing grounds.

Once we started trolling we didn't have to wait long, it was only about 5 minutes in when we heard the zzzzzzzzzzzzzz of line being stripped from Chris' rod.  We were on!

As Chris fought the fish and Gerrie desperately tried to steer the boat away from the rocks they were met with an additional zzzzzzzzzz as Gerrie's rod went off.  Apparently Chris' fish had a friend.  Double Hook Up!!!

Once clear from the rocks Chris fought his fish to the boat.  Once he saw us looking down on him he got a second wind and zzzzzzzz he was off again!  After a struggle the boys were able to get both fish in the boat.  A careful measure showed that Gerrie's fish was just under the 65cm legal limit but Chris' was about 67, keeper!

We trolled around for a bit longer with Gerrie catching a 45cm tailor for his efforts.

They were about the same size
The fisherman arrived home midday to cheers and joyful weeping, sashimi and fish tacos were to be had by all!!!
Mmmmm...kingfish sashimi

Felix was at first puzzled by the commotion and then happy.  Then he ate his hand for a bit and then was happy again.

The kingfish was devoured with smiles all around, here's hoping it is the first of many for the summer!

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