Friday, November 30, 2012

Saving the World

It is with much regret that I have to report that there was a recent outbreak of a newly discovered zombie plague in Melbourne.

I was called upon to assemble a crack team of seasoned commandos to go and mop up and if possible, contain the outbreak.  The rag tag group I was able to assemble was as follows from left to right:

Nick (Codename: Quiche):  The wildcard of the bunch, can turn any 3 objects into an explosive.  Always seems to save your skin when all hope is lost.
Myself: Team leader, master of strategy and tactics.  Every disaster is an opportunity waiting to be seized.
Trent: Raised in the backwoods of Missouri, taught to stalk prey from a childhood.  Can gut and skin a full sized moose in 20 minutes.
Ian: Grew up on the mean streets of London as an urchin.  To feed himself he had to steal on good days and hunt sewer rats on the bad.  Knows no fear.
John: Rhodes Scholar, studied international policy at Oxford, speaks 7 languages, and MI6 claims he doesn't even exist.
James: Edged weapons expert, no one you would rather have with you if things get close and messy.

We flew down to Melbourne Friday night, parachuting out of our blacked out plane over the target.  After gathering our gear, we proceeded legitimize our cover story of "having a boy's weekend".

Many pubs were visited.

We proceeded to the facility Saturday afternoon where we received our briefing and specialized equipment.  Things were getting worse by the minute, apparently Alpha team had already entered the facility and home base had lost contact with them just a few minutes earlier.  Our mop up operation was now a rescue mission.

We steeled ourselves as we breached the first door.  The smell of death permeated the air.  Every room we entered was searched for clues as to the origin of the outbreak as we swept he zombie scourge from the earth.

We did end up running into some survivors but without being able to confirm that they weren't infected, their fates were sealed.

The mission culminated in the discovery of the original zombie, known as Patient Zero.  After a hard fought battle we were able to overcome the tragic, doomed beast. and put the outbreak to rest.

The fair city of Melbourne will be singing songs of our heroics for generations to come.

What is that, dear reader?  Does this all sound too amazing to be true?  Fret not, the entire thing (minus the pubs) was caught on HELMET CAM FOOTAGE.

The edited video however is apparently too AWESOME/large to fit within Blogger's meager size limit for video so please use the link below to view it on Youtube:

Awesome video footage of the triumph of humanity over the zombie horde here

I suggest you click on the little gear button in the lower right hand corner of the youtube window and change the quality to 720.  Oh, and pardon the swearing, war is brutal.

The organization that put the whole thing together, IRL Shooter is set or organize events around Australia of a similar nature.  We are sure to catch the Sydney one when we are called upon.

Do you have Bug Out Bag for when the zombie apocalypse comes?  For info on bugging out and survival check out The Bug Out Bag Guide.

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