Saturday, January 21, 2012


On a recent fishing expedition to the harbour with James and Quiche, we had our lines repeatedly hit by something strong and fast, only to have them snap in a matter of seconds.  Tensions rose as this happened again and again and we wanted to know what big fish had the gall to do this to us.  After a couple hours sitting out there, a huge shape loomed up our of the depth to circle the boat and James spotting it called out SHARK!!!

The shark, a juvenile grey nurse circled our boats a few times and we all reeled up our bait to the level that he was swimming, hoping to entice him to bite.  Finally, like a lightening strike, he nailed Quiche's line and was off to the races.  Quiche tightened his drag and held on as the shark stripped line off like a madman.

After a solid run, Quiche started working him back to the boat, a few feet at a time.  When the shark was close enough that we could see his shadow in the water, we took a sigh of relief, he apparently took this as a sign to take off again to the murky depths.

The battle ensued.  Eventually, through skill and perseverance, Quiche got it back up to the surface while it thrashed around and the brothers were left with figuring out what to do with it. It had actually managed to hook itself in the tail, which is probably why the line didn't get snapped this time. I jumped over into their boat and grabbed it by the tail.  After some pictures, we did it the favor of removing some hooks from it's jaw, as well as the tail and sent it on its way.

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  1. is it still alive?? You know Grey Nurses are protected, I am going to report you guys :)