Monday, October 10, 2011

Blue Mountains Horseback Riding

Big Red, contemplating kicking Amy's horse
This past weekend we celebrated our friend Debs' birthday by going up to the Blue Mountains where we went horseback riding and stayed over at a ranch.

It was a beautiful location and the scenery was amazing.  The weather was a bit testy at times but we persevered onward through wooded trails, onto pastures and eventually reached the crest of a large hill where we could see miles into the mountain ranges.
Ride 'em cowboy

In the woods we saw many packs of kangaroos and wallabies.  They hopped along, checking us out for a while.

My horse, named "Big Red" was overall a violent jerk, repeatedly biting and kicking the other horses.  By the end of the ride, the other people in our group, all mates were actively avoiding me.

Blue Mountains in the distance

The group at the crest of a hill, the view was amazing
Fording a stream

Some trees that had suffered the wrath of God on top of a hill

Amy on the trail

The pack emerges onto the pasture

This behavior thankfully did not extend into the evening when we relaxed around the ranch's guest house and grounds, enjoying a barbecue, campfire, some rugby, and then delicious cupcakes made by Amy.


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