Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cairns Part I: Diving the Reef

We are back safe and sound from our adventure up in Cairns and it was a great trip. Our first activity up there was diving off of a liveaboard boat on the Great Barrier Reef.

Chris hiding in a rock cleft. It was not easy to get in/out of there.

The diving was refreshingly shallow versus other places we have been and we were able to make some nice long dives.

The reef is a major tourist draw up there and it was great to see that the ecosystem seemed healthy with lots of large coral structures and marine life.

Amy descending out of the sun

Some of the fish we saw included white tipped reef sharks, napoleon wrasse, long tail tuna, starfish, nudibranches, and some of the biggest angelfish we had ever seen.

I (Chris) was also lucky enough to hit my 100th dive while up there. It took me about 10 years of diving to get there and I was happy to hit that milestone in the same place where I started diving.

Huge angelfish

Sea slug Amy spotted. Must have evolved to live in the ocean to get away from kids pouring salt on them.

Napoleon Wrasse, endemic to the Great Barrier Reef

White tipped reef shark

We were also treated to some beautiful sunsets from the boat that were a nice day to wrap up the jammed packed days.

Beer o'clock on the boat

Video of some of the marine life and us swimming through a cave.

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