Sunday, January 23, 2011

They didn't stand a chance

Me with my first Kingfish. They fight like monsters.

With summer in full swing, the fish have been biting with frenzied tenacity and we have been catching ourselves dinner nearly every time we have gone out. Here is a gallery of some of the fish we have caught with friends and visitors. If you needed any further encouragement, see this as evidence of why you should come visit.

James L. with a Kingfish. It was large enough to eat 4 different ways, including as sashimi.

James P. with a Shovel-nose Shark. Caught off the ski boat in the Hawksbury River.

Ryan came fishing with us once while visiting and caught us a Jewfish for dinner. It would not marry him to extend his visa so....we ate it with some Moroccan spices.

James P. with one of the first Jewfish we caught

Colin with his first Kingfish. To be eaten tonight!

James P. with a Kingie of his own. We ate it with cajun seasoning.

Lesson to be learned: Come to Australia and we will catch and eat tasty fish!

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