Saturday, October 30, 2010


Yes, she really is as good as she looks.

......And the livin's easy.

We had our first truly beautiful day last weekend and were fortunate enough to be out on the boat!

It made for a glorious day out skiing, wakeboarding, swimming, and fishing.

After the water sports, we put out the fishing rods with middling success. We ended up catching several fish and saw multiple schools of fish jumping out of the water. Many beers were consumed to further this pursuit.

Leatherjacket that should have known better

A beautiful day for relaxing on the boat

James shredding on the wakeboard

Chris Negrea shortly after vowing to ski successfully or die trying

Chris photographed while reflecting on all the good choices he has made in life

As we left the boat on the dock, smiles were all around from the afterglow of the day's awesomeness. In addition to the pure fun of skiing, wakeboarding, and generally bombing around the river, we also had the passive bonus of getting to see more of the beautiful Kuring-gai National Park from the water. We look forward to many more rockin' boat days over the upcoming summer months.

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