Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another Crazy Australian Sport

Guest Blogger Amy here with a sportscast. This week some of the girls at work recruited me for their netball game. Little did I know this is actually a global sport, although it hasn't made it into the Olympics yet.
Check out the awesome skorts!

Armed with a post it note diagram of how the game works and a few words of encouragement from the girls we were off. Confused by the diagram? Me too.
My favorite rule of this new game is called the obstruction rule - where your foot needs to be 3 feet away from the person that you are defending before you start defending, after they catch the ball. Completely counter intuitive to all prior defensive strategies that I've ever learned, I definitely won the largest amount of penalties.

Thankfully they stuck me in the place where I could do the least damage and we crushed the opposing team by a healthy margin. Apparently everyone else on the team had played this before and actually knew the rules!

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  1. Chris,
    Sorry I am now getting onto your blog but I do have some time on my hands at the moment since they relocated my job to Pittsburgh. Netball is the closest equivalent to basketball without the backboard. If you really want to learn to shoot well, practice on a netball ring and you will be surprised at your accuracy on a bball court. How is life? I have to catch up on your blog.