Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why didn't I think of that?

As Amy and I found out in our recent move, getting rid of all your stuff is not as easy as it would seem. We had some pretty good stuff accumulated from our years in NYC but after foisting countless items on friends and family, people started getting sick of it. Amy and I went to a pretty cool event this past weekend that solved this dilemma in a unique way. Please allow me to introduce to you the Auction Party.

This was an even hosted by a co-worker of Amy's and his girlfriend who are moving to London in a few weeks. They hosted a going a combined going away party and silent auction for all their stuff.


All of the items they were selling had pages stuck to the wall over them that listed a description, starting bid and maximum bid. As guests made their way around the party, you signed up with bids for the items you wanted. At the end of the night, the pages were all taken down and winners announced.

This turned the tables on the whole arrangement of begging and pleading with people to take just one more thing off your hands. It had all their acquaintances fighting with eachother for the honor to pay for their stuff!

Amy and I made out pretty well, paying around $100 Aussie Dollars for some plants, a stereo, a space heater, and a SWEET painting which was painted by the hostess. This woman happens to not only be a painter but actually sings at the Sydney Opera House. Impressive.

Sweet painting, FTW

Overall it was a good time, we got to socialize with friends, have some drinks, and picked up some sweet stuff which will doubtlessly be auctioned to our friends here upon our next move.

3.5 kilos of mmmmmmmmmmm...

We wrapped up the weekend having some friends over for one of our favorite meals, pernil. It is a Puerto Rican/Cuban preparation of marinated pork shoulder and was mindblowingly delicious. We served it up with fried bananas, coconut rice and beans, cornbread, spinach, and it was topped off with an awesome apple crisp a la Debbie.

The feast is served

Amy and I are amused that in Australia spanish culture has a much lesser influence. Although we realize how far we are from a Spanish-speaking country, it is just weird sometimes how much the influence is removed. It had been taken for granted while living in NYC, although it pervaded many of the things we saw/ate/heard on a daily basis. Examples:
  1. I witnessed in the grocery store a woman asking an employee if they stock "ja-lap-a-nose".
  2. I offered homemade guacamole to an Australian friend a while back. He squinted into the bowl and asked, "is that that Mexican stuff?"
  3. The Spanish foods (prepackaged make-your-own burrito kits) are in the Asian foods aisle in the supermarket.
Vamos a la playa?

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